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A little summer recipe: the apricot mango cocktail!

Today a cocktail recipe, in the event that you have a little white rum left over. Ideal in summer, by the pool or barbecue we will see how carotene and alcohol interact.

For two people, you need to count one mango (peeled) and six apricots (for 6-8 people), which you have to wash and cut roughly. Then put everything in a blender, adding half a dozen ice cubes and two tablespoons of liquid sugar. Collect as much mango juice as possible, which you can supplement with lemon juice.

You can replace the mango with raspberries. Once mixed/ground, lie down with perrier or water and mix by hand to avoid the smoothie effect. Add two ice cubes just before serving, this cocktail is very fresh!
Mango and apricot being stringy, heat the blender, the objective being to make a cocktail and not a thick soup. You can also add water (or sparkling water) to make the mango cocktail longer.

The apricot mango cocktail is made with white rum at 40 degrees. Do not try with an arranged rum, as few of them lend themselves to the game of mixing. If you like these flavours, try the mango rum.

Boisson supplémentaire
Perrier or other soft drink if necessary
[Special Edition] Mango, apricot, white rum cocktail
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