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Arranged rum labels

Here you will find arranged rum labels to print. There are many themes! From piracy to fruit itself, coconut palms and the beach. There are also neutral labels, in the colour of the site (grey, orange and white). Finally, you will also find arranged rum labels to punch, in rectangular format, at the very bottom of the selection. But why create your label? Where is the automatic label generator? Not yet here. The primary role of a label is (combined with the capsule) legal. In our case, the label has an aesthetic and informational role. All the arranged rum labels are free to use.

Do it yourself !

You have the possibility, with wire or a cord, to decorate your rum bottles arranged with personalized labels. You can also let your imagination run wild and customize the labels. The labels are in high definition (300 dpi) and measure 7cm by 11cm.

If you wish to use the photoshop template, use the contact form so that the team can send it to you. We recommend that you buy self-adhesive paper for your printer (in the form of a sheet) that is quite rigid. Especially if you store your bottles in a damp cellar.

Good labelling!

Arranged rum labels