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Rhubarb arranged rum

May! The rhubarb season is here. Here is a recipe for making a rum with spring flavours. Rather basic, simply count one stem per litre of rum. No need for vanilla or cinnamon!

Of course, we are talking about fresh rhubarb here: wrap up dried rhubarb and other ducros diableries. Let's get to the heart of the matter:

  • Wash your fresh rhubarb
  • Remove the leaves and purple parts, so that only the stem is left.
  • Cut the rod lengthwise and insert it into the bottle
  • Cut it back if it does not fit completely into the bottle (it is crucial that it is completely submerged)
  • Add six tablespoons of liquid sugar
  • Close your bottle and store it out of direct sunlight


White rum is very suitable for rhubarb, its neutrality will allow it to develop its acidulous notes and character. As with any plant-based arrangement, the mixture should be tasted after one week of maceration.

This recipe for rhubarb arranged rum is simple and quick to make, and its maceration is short. The rhubarb season is also a good time: to avoid a year of waiting, you can make several litres at once.


Technical data sheet :

  • Eye: pale green, yellow reflections
  • Nose: gourmet
  • Palate: acid, cane notes

Rum rhubarb is an original and vegetable recipe, just like lemongrass cocoa arranged rum.


Rhubarb arranged rum
Try the rhubarb arranged rum recipe!