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Remerciements, petits arrangements


The adventure of Petits Arrangements is possible thanks to the help of different people, whom we would like to thank here:

  • Celine (Coloring the logo)
  • Sandra Costes (high-level audit)
  • Wikipedia
  • "Le rhum marin" (inspiration and discoveries)
  • Mickaël (tests and recipes o/)
  • Alice (instagram animation)
  • Les rhums de l'homme à la poussette

In addition, the team's gratitude also goes to the various contributors, commentators or simple visitors of our different platforms, which you can find in the right-hand column. Sea rum has also been a source of information and original flavours!

All the arranged rum recipes on the site are tested and stored for more than one year (three years for some of them!). The mention "to be repeated" or "to be avoided" is specified in a concern for transparency towards Internet users. So you can try our recipes without fear! Petits Arrangements has no affiliation or link with one or more rum producers, French or foreign. Editorial independence comes at a price!

To contact us, you can use the page provided for this purpose, in the footer. You can suggest recipe ideas, or even post your own, by registering (free and open). Enjoy your reading.
Thank you! Thank you!