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Rum arranged with flambéed bananas : how to do it ?

A more technical recipe than the others: you will first have to follow a recipe for flambéed bananas.

Here is one, tested and approved. You need four bananas and rum at 50°:

  • Cut the bananas in quarters lengthwise.
  • Preheat the pan and add the bananas.
  • Once the bananas are golden brown, pour a few centilitres of rum and let them flare quickly before evaporation
  • Remove the bananas from the fire after the flames have disappeared.
  • Once your bananas are back at room temperature, insert them into a suitable bottle. Add four to five tablespoons of liquid sugar. Finally, cut a vanilla bean lengthwise and add it to the rum. Complete with a white or amber rum.

Flambéed banana rum reflects more caramelized flavors than its cousin, banana rum. You can add one or two pears to soften the strong taste of the banana.

In the mouth, the rum is both fruity and sweet, with a robust body. Its texture is syrupy and the aromas developed are numerous (candied cane, exotic fruits, vanilla, roasted, etc.).

Finally, do not buy this arrangement in supermarkets (carrefour or leclerc). The drinks they offer have a chemical and industrial scent (especially those made with caramel). Do it yourself, it's better and childishly simple! Good tasting with this Rum arranged with flambéed bananas !


Rum arranged with flambéed bananas
Rum flare-ups, of course.