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    • Maceration: 3 months
    • Alcohol level: 40°
    • Balance sheet:
    • Color:
    • Strongness: Low

White peaches and mangoes arranged rum

A large bottle is required for this recipe.

Here are the proportions for two litres: two mangos, ten white peaches, and a banana, preferably organic. And of course two litres of good agricultural rum (white)

  • Peel the mango, cut it roughly and put the flesh in the bottle.
  • Peel the white peaches and remove the stone.
  • Peel the banana, cut it in half lengthwise
  • Cut the vanilla pod in the same direction
  • Insert everything into your jar and add six to seven tablespoons of canadou (for two litres)
  • Stir the jar from time to time and store it in a dark and dry place.

For my part, I added a vanilla bean. If you enjoy the arrangements with peach, take a look at the "carrot peaches arranged rum".

Peach and mango rum is an original recipe to which you can add a very small amount of ginger to spice it up and accentuate the freshness of ice fishing.

This is a summer recipe, white peaches and mangos being summer fruits. Maceration requires at least three months, six months is a plus for pronunciation of taste. Have a good tasting of your white peaches and mangoes arranged rum!

White peaches and mangoes arranged rum
Finally a good processed product.