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Rum 44 recipe

To make this complex and technical recipe, you will need: a jar large enough to hold the orange sifted with coffee beans, 44 Arabica coffee beans, an organic orange, food string, and old rum (Saint-James at 43° in this recipe).

Wash well and let the orange dry. Make fine incisions in the skin to insert the coffee beans. Make sure they stay in place when the orange passes through the opening of your jar.

Fill your jar with rum, leaving enough space for the orange to be inserted without touching the liquid. Add five to six spoons of liquid sugar (or several pieces of brown sugar, 44 according to the original recipe).

Once your orange is pierced from all sides, with the coffee in place, tie it up and pin the string by closing the bottle. Maceration lasts at least 44 days but you can leave it for a while.

Some people replace coffee beans with cloves: at your own risk. You can also roast your beans for a stronger, more aromatic flavour.

The origins of rum 44 recipe are unclear: sometimes Breton, but also Guadeloupian... leave in comment the history of this rum arranged if you know it! Petits Arrangements also offers a recipe for rum with orange and gingerbread that is very tasty...
This original arrangement requires a rigorous precision, you must try not to drop the orange in the rum.

Rum 44 recipe
44 times more pleasure