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    • Base Alcohol: Rhum blanc (1L)
    • Condiments: Red sugar
    • Fruits: Orange
    • Spices: None
    • Miscellaneous: Gingerbread

Orange and gingerbread arranged rum

Orange and gingerbread arranged rum

Choose an organic orange, then peel it. Make it into several quarters. Eat half of it and put the rest of the quarters in the bottle. As with lemon ginger arranged rum (and citrus fruits in general), make sure you use as little albedo as possible. Then, insert half a gingerbread into the bottle. A little liquid sugar and you're done: about two tablespoons, the cake is already sweet.

How to get gingerbread? Either by preparing it yourself or by buying it. Preferably organic, favour a local producer with real know-how: it should be supple, fragrant and not floury.

Considering the originality of this rum and its ingredients, it will be necessary to filter this mixture three to six months after its conception. Several methods are possible depending on the granularity:

  • The coffee filter
  • The sopalin

You can make several passages until you obtain a clear but syrupy liquid. There is loss during this process, so we recommend that you use at least one litre of white rum. So, once the maceration period is over, do not hesitate to squeeze the oranges well and filter several times if necessary: gingerbread tends to go into jam.

Orange and gingerbread arranged rum develops sweet aromas and spice flavours: cloves, cinnamon, honey, etc.

Orange and gingerbread arranged rum
Orange and gingerbread arranged rum