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Khaki and lime arranged rum

Here is a recipe that is out of the ordinary and combines fruits that rarely go together. Wrongly because this association works well, the khakis will soften the bitterness of the lime. I made this rum arranged by chance, a few khakis-apples and limes were lying in my kitchen. I decided to try the alliance, and I'm not disappointed. For this arrangement, you need:

  • a liter of rum
  • three organic khakis
  • two organic limes
  • a vanilla bean
  • honey

Once you have these ingredients, proceed to the realization;

  • Peel the khaki apples to preserve only the flesh, taking care to remove the brown/black parts.
  • Cut the limes and subtract as much albedo as possible (the bitter white part)
  • Cut the vanilla lengthwise
  • Insert everything into the bottle
  • Add four or five tablespoons of organic honey

Khaki and lime arranged rum offers subtle and complex flavours, as does lemongrass/cocoa bark arranged rum. A recipe to be made during the khaki season, namely winter. Here is his business card:

  • Eye: Straw
  • Nose: Dry
  • Palate: sweet, light

Little tip for good khaki picking : the khaki not ripe enough has a pungent taste. It is therefore necessary to choose it very ripe because it is at this moment that it abandons its pungency for a delicious sweet taste. Choose khakis with transparent and slightly softened skin.

Have a good tasting of the Khaki and lime arranged rum!

Two bottles of arranged rum, khaki and lime and ginger
Recipe for khaki and lime rum, a delicacy of the islands!