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Cucumber and nectar arranged rum


An original and summery new recipe: the rum arranged cucumber brugnon. One unit of each per litre, organic. For my part, I found them after shopping with the right pickaxe (in the centre of Grenoble) that I recommend (most often local production).


In case you don't live in this city, here's how to choose nectarines and cucumbers:
Cucumber: it must have both ends very hard, the skin smooth, green and firm (guaranteed freshness). The smaller it is, the fewer seeds it contains and the more concentrated it is in flavours.
A ripe nectar is characterized by its sweet fragrance and supple flesh.

Let's move on to the recipe:


  • Peel the cucumber and the nectar
  • Empty the cucumber of its seeds
  • Eat half of the cucumber
  • Cut the rest into strips
  • Cut the nectar into quarters (discard the stone...)
  • Add half a vanilla pod cut lengthwise
  • As well as six to seven good tablespoons of canadou or brown sugar
  • Insert everything into your jar/bottle
  • Close it and store it in a dark place

Cucumber rum develops a subtle taste, its magnificent yellow colour makes it a unique and appreciated blend. Its light flavours are reminiscent of khaki lemon-green rum. This arrangement is characterized by a spring nose (floral and fruity), a sweet palate and a clear and dull eye. An ice cube will be welcome during the tasting, to soften the first sips. Have a good tasting!


Cucumber and nectar arranged rum ingredients

Cutting board with two nuggets and a cucumber
Taste is the best