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Autumn rum recipe

An arrangement to avoid morale drops!

You need two apples, an abate pear, about twenty grapes, and a large jar. Choose the apple variety you prefer (fuji or gala are good for the game). Your fruit must come from organic farming, to avoid an infusion of pesticides and other chemicals....

  • Peel and cut the two apples into quarters.
  • Do the same with the pear, and insert it into the bottle.
  • Wash the grapes thoroughly and add them to the rest of the composition.
  • Add a cinnamon stick and a vanilla pod.
  • Sweeten the arranged rum with three tablespoons of honey.

You can add a star anise and a bay leaf to decorate and balance the rum.

This autumn rum is to be prepared for the end of winter! It takes several months of maceration for its woody and spicy aromas to be released. Count half a year to have this arranged rum at your disposal. It is characterized by dark reflections, a mahogany eye and a complex nose. For rums with long maceration, it may be strategic to increase the initial quantity of rum. Why not try several liters? In any case, it will be necessary to stir the bottle well during the first days, to dilute the honey (its consistency is very syrupy).

There is a variant of this rum: add about ten nuts (per litre). For lovers of balsamic flavours...

Autumn rum recipe
Autumn rum recipe