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Passion fruit arranged rum

Choose your passion fruit wisely: from organic farming, with a crumpled skin, which corresponds to good ripening, and slightly soft. The two seasons to consume this fruit are winter and spring.

Let's get down to it: count seven to eight passion fruit per litre of rum
The use of cinnamon is not recommended in this arrangement.

  • Cut the fruit in half
  • With a spoon, extract the flesh
  • Insert it into the white rum
  • Add six to seven tablespoons of canadou
  • As well as a split vanilla bean
  • Close your bottle again
  • Let it macerate for about six months

On the nose, singular aromas, both fruity and spicy, characterize this small arrangement. In the mouth, this sweet mixture develops a tangy taste, accompanied by a sensation of freshness (serving with an ice cube accentuates this effect). Passion fruit arranged rum with passion fruit is a good way to test rums arranged for the first time

Passion rum can surprise by its acidity. So, taste your arrangement after a month of storage and correct it if necessary. Take a look at our recipe for rum arranged with passion fruit and pomegranate. If you are a fan of exotic recipes, here is the recipe for coconut rum and pineapple rum.

Passion fruit arranged rum
Who loses himself in his passion loses less than he who loses his passion.