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Rum arranged in maple syrup

Back from Canada (and I remember, more precisely, from Quebec), I take this opportunity to unveil a new recipe for arranged rum.

It is made directly in the bottle. The main ingredient will therefore be maple syrup: there are four types (light, amber, dark, and very dark).

The one I brought back is darker, more pronounced in taste, but they'll all do the trick. The difficulty of this rum lies in the dosage. Pour the equivalent of ten tablespoons into the bottle. Add to that a cinnamon stick and two tablespoons of organic honey. As you may have guessed, this beverage will be sweet and very sweet.

Cinnamon must be extracted after two to three weeks to avoid priming the maple syrup. Unlike other arranged rums, it is necessary to stir it daily in order to dilute the honey and maple syrup.

Rum arranged in maple syrup will recall the flavor of chestnuts, honey, and fall flavors in general. Its eye is dark and matt, its nose woody, and finally, it is very sweet in the mouth. Perfect for a successful fall/winter transition! By the way, as the season approaches, take a look at the autumn rum recipe!

Rum arranged in maple syrup
A very fine arrangement