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Orange arranged rum

Get two beautiful organic oranges per litre of amber rum. For varieties: take navel or valencia oranges. Amber rum is preferable for this arrangement, especially if you are considering long-term storage. Here is the recipe, it takes fifteen minutes, prepare your knives and cutting board :

  • Peel the organic oranges
  • Cut into quarters
  • Remove as much albedo as possible
  • Insert the flesh into your bottle
  • Add a vanilla pod and a cinnamon stick
  • Complete with seven or eight tablespoons of liquid sugar

The step of removing the albedo (the white part of the orange) is crucial to the success of this recipe. Bitterness is contained in it, unlike taste! If you like the spicy flavours, you can add two cloves and a bay leaf.

Orange rum, like its cousin rum arranged with lemon, will tend to pull towards bitterness and dryness. It therefore requires special attention, we recommend that you check the sugar once a month. To the eye, this arrangement balances the apricot hue with the transparency of honey. On the nose, it is characterized by woody and warm fragrances, and finally reveals sweet flavors on the palate, nuanced by a hint of bitterness.


Orange arranged rum
Rum is an orange.