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Ginger and red pepper arranged rum

Not to be taken lightly, this recipe can be made directly in the bottle.


Cut the ginger into fries (no more than 4) and add a single bird pepper. Then move on to sweetening, with three tablespoons of liquid sugar or five pieces of brown sugar.


A small bomb discovered with "rhum marin bar", this explosive mixture should be handled with care. This rum is closer to infusion than maceration: the idea is to choose a chilli pepper, Mexican, bird, Kabyle etc., according to your taste, and let it rest. This arranged rum is demanding! It will have to be checked once a week. The ginger will give a little bit of freshness in taste, caught up a little while later by the "fire" of the chilli pepper. Very tasty when you appreciate the spicy and rich flavours on the palate.

The ginger pepper rum is extremely strong in the mouth, but if you are not afraid of it, go for a white rum at 50°! West Indian peppers are also good candidates to replace bird peppers. If you are less reckless, I recommend adding a vanilla pod (incise the vanilla lengthwise) to soften the liqueur.


Enjoy the ginger and red pepper arranged rum recipe!

Ginger and red pepper arranged rum
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