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Fruit mix arranged rum

Multi-fruit arranged rum is composed of a multitude of fruits and spices: pineapple, lemon, mango, banana, passion fruit, apple, vanilla, cinnamon. Of course, everything must be organic.

For a litre of white agricultural rum, here are the quantities: a quarter of pineapple, a banana, four passion fruit, an apple. A vanilla pod, a cinnamon stick. For lemon, take care to select only the flesh, and in small quantities, so as not to make the mixture too bitter.

Add a few tablespoons of honey (between two and three) and let it soak for several months, taking care to stir well from time to time.

You can decorate with a bay leaf. Don't expect to recognize any of the fruits! The mix of flavours is the interest of this unique rum. Perfect for blinds test during the aperitif...

The multi-fruit rum mix can be modelled according to your taste: you can substitute one fruit for another! Khaki, for example, is an interesting variant, as are red fruits (raspberries and strawberries). If you are attracted by the flavours of mixed fruits or vegetables, we recommend the excellent rum arranged with peachs and carrots. Enjoy your fruit mix arranged rum!

Fruit mix arranged rum
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