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Peachs and carrots arranged rum

Yellow or white peaches, it's up to your taste. This recipe has been tested with white peaches. You can replace peaches with nectarines. Carrots soften the mixture. Don't hesitate, it's excellent.

Peel two organic carrots, rinse them and cut them lengthwise. Peel two ripe peaches (also organic) in the neighbourhood. Gently insert it into your bottle. Suggest with two to three tablespoons of liquid sugar. Vanilla is not mandatory but its flavour can round off the final taste of the arranged rum. The maceration time is about average: about three months. Filter the mixture after this time. Feel free to let it macerate for longer.

Peach carrot rum is characterized by a straw eye (with amber reflections) and a light nose with a sweet touch (both floral and vegetal). In the mouth, its sweet taste blends with a supple texture and a light body.

This "fruit and vegetable" carrot-peach blend works particularly well: the lightness of peaches is complemented by the fruity and earthy flavours of carrots. The editor's favourite, because this arranged rum is both unusual and original. Rums arranged with vegetables are rather rare, and this one is delicious: let yourself be tempted... Enjoy the peachs and carrots arranged rum recipe!

Peachs and carrots arranged rum
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