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    • Base Alcohol: Rhum blanc (1L)
    • Condiments: Sugar
    • Fruits: Lemon
    • Spices: None

Lime arranged rum recipe

Get about four organics limes per litre of rum.

The process is almost identical to the recipe of lemon arranged rum:

  • Cut the lemons into quarters
  • Remove the albedo (the white part)
  • Select the least affected parts of the flesh and insert them into the rum
  • Add six tablespoons of brown sugar or four tablespoons of liquid sugar

Generally it is difficult to follow this process properly: you will get juice everywhere. Do not insert the juice thus recovered into the bottle. This arrangement is perilous: as a citrus fruit, the lime will very quickly spread its bitterness in the rum, it is up to you to make sure by tasting it from time to time. You have two levers: add sugar or remove lemon. Early maceration requires a first test after one week....


Lime rum is not a good solution for mojitos or ti-punchs. Indeed, the perfume is diffused mainly by the freshness of the fruits or plants that go into the composition. The addition of ginger or mint is quite possible, just as in the recipe for rum with lemon and ginger. Enjoy the lime arranged rum recipe, and drink in moderation.

Lime arranged rum
Lime arranged rum