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Citrus arranged rum

Here is a recipe for latecomers who didn't anticipate summer! Indeed, if you have not prepared your arrangements in time, here is a preparation that requires only one month of maceration: the citrus fruits arranged rum.

What are the ingredients? For a litre: a lime, an orange, two to three clementines and a grapefruit/pomelo (click here to know the difference). We can never repeat it enough, take citrus fruits from organic farming. For the varieties, I recommend a navel orange, and a pomelo rio red. We can now start the recipe:

  • Peel the fruit, taking care to remove as much albedo as possible (the white part)
  • Separate the orange and clementine quarters 
  • Cut the pomelo and lime in four
  • Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise 
  • Insert everything into your bottle
  • Add seven to eight tablespoons of liquid sugar
  • Wait:)

It is necessary to quickly monitor the evolution of this small arrangement. Indeed, bitterness will quickly develop and it is necessary to control it. Thus two options are open to you: add sugar or remove the pomelo and/or lime, sometimes quite early (after two weeks of maceration). If you have kumkats or other alternative citrus fruits you can customize the recipe.

Citrus arranged rum is characterized by a slightly acidic and bitter taste, a light body and an astringent texture. Aromas: fruity (yellow fruits and citrus fruits). His nose is quite aggressive. 

Citrus rum is quick to make, and you can add small shavings of ginger to it to make it more tonic. By its acidulous aspect, it reminds us of the notes of pineapple arranged rum or one of its variants, lemon ginger arranged rum.

Rum arranged citrus fruits, in aligned bottles
The orange that is too pressed gives a bitter taste.