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Arranged rum with prunes


This recipe is a follow-up to the excellent Plum Arranged Rum. Several choices are offered to you on the type of prunes: half-cooked, cooked, large size, etc. As a reminder, prunes are plums cooked at low temperature for several hours (in the sun before the invention of dedicated ovens).


We recommend half-cooked for the simplicity of stoning.

It is absolutely necessary to avoid industrial prunes, which have been dried and then rehydrated to increase their weight and thus sell them more expensive (with the addition of preservatives and additives in the process). Moreover, organic prunes are more expensive than others, given the difficulty of having plums without the use of pesticides.


For one litre of white rum (old rum may also be suitable), plan for about ten prunes and a vanilla pod.

Here is the recipe:

  • Wash the prunes
  • Pebble them
  • Cut the vanilla bean lengthwise.
  • Insert it in the bottle
  • Add six or seven tablespoons of candy cane sugar.
  • Close and stir the bottle from time to time.

Arranged rum with prunes offers smooth and woody flavours in the mouth. On the nose, it is characterized by fine and spicy touches. Its characteristic colour can be enhanced by adding an ice cube in a tasting glass. This arrangement is ideal as a digestive after a festive meal.

Vertical view of prunes
The idiot throws the prune away, and eats the pit.