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Apricot arranged rum

An idea of a recipe that is easy to implement, but on which we must be vigilant. To be completed with an apple and a little ginger to balance the arrangement. It is indeed interesting to combine other fruits with apricots, which alone make the taste turn too quickly.


For a litre of agricultural white rum, count six or seven apricots, an apple of a sweet variety (gala, pink lady) and a small piece of ginger.

Don't be afraid to take very ripe, soft, sugar-loving fruit.

  • Wash and pitted apricots
  • Peel the apple and cut it roughly
  • Repeat the operation with the ginger
  • Put it all in the bottle
  • Pour five to six tablespoons of liquid sugar
  • Close your bottle


Maceration reveals captivating flavours around six months. Test monthly to correct acidity and sweeten if necessary.

Apricot rum is distinguished by its sweet and slightly acidic flavours. In another style, taste the raspberry and apricot cocktail here

We will of course wait until summer to make this rum with its sunny shades.

The nose is complex with spicy notes. In the mouth, the structure is long and deep with spicy and discreet touches. Enjoy this rum !

Apricot arranged rum in an empty bottle
I tell you for sure, it is apricot the forbidden fruit, not apple.