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    • Base Alcohol: Vodka à base de seigle (1L)
    • Condiments: Red sugar
    • Fruits: Lemon
    • Spices: None

Lemon vodka

Today, we are derogating. We will see that it is also possible to arrange vodkas, with candy or fruit.

This recipe for lemon vodka can be made directly in the bottle.

Wash the lemon, and with the help of a peeler, peel back half the surface of the lemon into a zest. Put the whole bark in the bottle and add a few spoons (about five for a liter) of liquid sugar. As with all citrus-based arrangements, avoid albedo! (the white flesh of the lemon).

Choose fruits of organic origin. The maceration period is short, vodka is a curious alcohol that will quickly take on the taste of lemon. If you like this kind of flavour, why not take a look at the recipe for rum with lemon and ginger?

Arranged vodkas are available in many different flavours:

  • apple vodka
  • vodka tagada
  • smurf vodka
  • mint vodka

Same service as the Chartreuse: serve your vodka in frozen glasses. Do not put the vodka in the freezer, at the risk of making a jelly. However, it can remain in the fridge. This arrangement is dry and bitter, make it only if you know and appreciate these flavors. Enjoy the lemoned vodka!

Lemon vodka
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