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Vanilla arranged rum

Vanilla rum is the most common of the arranged rums. This recipe is made directly in the bottle.

Choose a Bourbon vanilla bean (organic) and cut it lengthwise. Do not cut the pod in half, the idea is just to maximize the contact surface between the rum and the vanilla grains.

This technique is to be remembered! Indeed, most of the rum recipes use vanilla.

Add four or five pieces of brown sugar, for 700cl. Old rum has taste advantages for this blend. It will be rounder in the mouth, and more delicate on the nose.

The container should be stirred from time to time to dissolve the sugar and harmonize its distribution. With its old rum base, this arrangement is designed to last over time. Its smooth and sweet flavours will continue to mature over time.

Vanilla arranged rum recipe is available in several variants, the first of which consists of adding a cinnamon stick. Another will be to substitute brown sugar with honey.

Homemade vanilla rum is an easy to design specialty from Reunion Island, so I do not recommend buying a pre-made blend. Vanilla planifolia is the most popular species in the world and is cultivated in Reunion Island. The fruit of the vanilla tree, vanilla, is a long pod. At harvest time, the pod is firm and light green in colour, as kiwi arranged rum.

Vanilla arranged rum in a pot
Sweet vanilla