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Mango arranged rum is one of the classics.

The 40 degree "charrette" rum is adapted to this sweet and sweet recipe.

Peel the mango (one mango per litre) with a peeler and slice it. Put everything (except the core...) in a jar by adding a few tablespoons (three to four) of canadou. Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise, spread the two membranes apart to expose the vanilla grains.

The flesh around the stone is often the tastiest, you will have to scrape it off!

It is necessary to count one and a half mangos per liter. Like the banana arranged rum, this rum is simple to make.

Choose ripe mangos, which will have a more pronounced taste. A popular alternative is based on dried mango, it offers different plant flavours: undergrowth, foliage, dried fruit. If you like rums made with exotic fruits, also try our passionate arranged rum recipe or the ginger arranged rum recipe.

In terms of storage, it is important to store your mango rum in a dry but accessible place away from the light. Indeed, it will be necessary to taste it to check its sweetness. It is not necessary to filter the arrangement, try the pure one, especially in hot weather...

Mango rum has a pale golden eye, a soft nose and a light body.

How to choose mangoes?

Color doesn't make mango. Green is not necessarily a sign of immaturity. Some varieties, such as Amelie, remain green. On the other hand, black spots indicate a fruit that is too old. A ripe mango is slightly supple under the finger, without being soft. Its fragrance is another clue, which must be pronounced.

Mango arranged rum
Praises simplicity