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    • Base Alcohol: Rhum blanc (1L)
    • Condiments: Sugar
    • Fruits: Papaya
    • Spices: None

Papaya arranged rum

Here is a recipe that will highlight this fruit in an exquisite way!

Make sure you have a thrifty and a thin-bladed knife. It is necessary to count two papayas (plane) for one liter of rum. To choose papayas correctly, pay attention to the skin, which must be mostly yellow. To the touch, they must be soft, with tender flesh. It is not useless to taste several different varieties before embarking on the design of this arranged rum. Papayas sold in metropolitan France can be tasteless, which is a major risk, as papaya has a mild taste. 

Once you have your "good" papayas, here is the recipe for the papaya rum:

  • Peel the papayas
  • Remove the seeds
  • Keep them for future use
  • Insert the flesh into the bottle
  • Add sugar (about six tablespoons)
  • Close your bottle
  • Stir it two to three times a month

Papaya rum is very sweet, suave, its refined notes will delight the most discerning palates. Its apricot eye will tend to darken as it macerates. The nose is, not surprisingly, very sweet. 

We do not recommend filtering this papaya arranged rum. Indeed, if you have saved the flesh during cutting, you can skip this step. Summer is a good time to taste this arrangement. So, serve it with a granite ice cube (which will avoid dilution).

Flesh of a peeled papaya
You need to taste it