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Mandarines arranged rum

This recipe can be made directly in the bottle.

You need four to five mandarins (taste them all!) and a vanilla pod to make it: peel the mandarins and separate the quarters. During this step, be sure to remove as much albedo as possible (white part). For the more patient, remove the "skin" from the quarters (the endocarp). This operation is optional, the albedo of the mandarin is among the least bitter of the citrus fruits.

Cut the pod lengthwise. Finally, add three to four tablespoons of liquid sugar (or 6 pieces of brown sugar).

Why so many mandarins? Because this fruit is 85% water!

To further flavour your mixture, you can take a dozen zests, which you will macerate for a short period of time (2 weeks). Filtering is not necessary for this rum, taste it from time to time to control the bitterness.

On the citrus rums side, note the presence of orange orange gingerbread arranged rum. Mandarin rum is slightly less bitter than clementine arranged rum. Its light orange complexion and clear colour make it a very beautiful rum. Try to choose a bottle to highlight it. Enjoy the mandarines arranged rum recipe, rate it if you like it!

Mandarines arranged rum
The tangerine made the mistake, and it's the orange that has to pay.