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Strawberry arranged rum

You can make the recipe directly in the bottle.

To do this: wash the strawberries (and let them dry), then cut them in half.
When you remove the husks from your strawberries, make sure to remove the white part of the flesh. We will not forget the everlasting vanilla pod, to be cut lengthwise. Add three to four tablespoons of liquid sugar (canadou). I don't recommend honey for this recipe. Vary the sugar according to your strawberries.


Plougastel strawberries or simple gariguettes will do. It is therefore preferable to wait until June and July to get fresh and seasonal fruit. Of course, it is absolutely excluded to use tagada strawberries.


It is possible to add mint or basil leaves after one month of maceration (check more often to reduce the taste of chlorophyll or greenery in general)


The sweet nature of strawberry rum makes it ideal as an aperitif or as a digestive. Its fruity notes and sweet nose will delight the most delicate palates. For lovers of red fruit, find the recipe for rum arranged with raspberries and pears is available here. Enjoy the strawberry arranged rum recipe and rate it on

Strawberry arranged rum
A strawberry blossom will (not) moisten dry bread.