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Kiwi arranged rum

A rather easy recipe for arranged rum to make. Can be done directly in the bottle. The most common variety is "Hayward", so select half a dozen organic kiwifruit from this branch for one litre of filtered orange juice.

It is important to taste each of the fruits, a kiwi too ripe or not ripe enough will turn the arrangement. Choose organic fruit.

  • Peel the kiwis
  • Cut them in half lengthwise
  • Remove the central white part
  • Cut into small cube
  • Also remove all parts of the kiwi that are too stiff (make sure you only take the flesh)
  • Insert everything into the container
  • Add three tablespoons of liquid sugar
  • Add the vanilla bean
  • Close and wait three months

Kiwi rum can be served with apples, or even lime. It has a green eye, a heavy body on the palate and fruity flavours. Pistachio arranged rum has the same texture. To reduce this thickness, you can serve this rum arranged in frozen glasses. It is a smooth and creamy rum on the palate, the freshness will only enhance these aspects.

After six months of maceration, remove the kiwi and filter the rum. Enjoy the kiwi arranged rum !

Kiwi arranged rum
Kiwi arranged rum