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Strawberry and ginger arranged rum

Very easy to make! You will need:

  • an organic ginger root
  • an organic strawberry tray too
  • a vanilla bean
  • liquid sugar

Then follow these steps:


  • Peel the organic ginger and cut it into five fries, insert them into the bottle.
  • Wash the sweet strawberries, then cut them in half, taking care to remove the white flesh.
  • Turn the vanilla: cut it lengthwise to expose the grains.
  • Add four to five tablespoons of liquid sugar such as canadou.
  • Insert everything into the bottle, with a large neck, to avoid damaging the fruit.

At Petits Arrangement, we also have other recipes for rum arranged with strawberries: mint strawberry, basil strawberry, and even plain strawberry!

Take the time to taste some of your strawberries to avoid unpleasant surprises during maceration. Sugar is a natural flavour enhancer, so modulate it according to the sugar present in strawberries. They are often less sweet at the beginning of the season. Let macerate for 2 to 3 months with regular stirring.

Strawberry ginger rum can be garnished with a few peppercorns. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a digestive, so enjoy your strawberry and ginger arranged rum!


Strawberry and ginger arranged rum
The older the ginger, the hotter it is.

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