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Lemon and ginger arranged rum : easy and tasty recipe!

Wash the ginger roots and cut them into sticks (4 or 5 in fried format) then remove the flesh from the lemon, taking care to exclude the albedo (the white part that is bitter). Bottle it all up and add a good dose of sugar. The maceration time is quite short, it is necessary to taste this rum frequently. Depending on the quantities (and powers) of the ingredients, you can remove the ginger or lemon if one of the two ingredients takes over. The maceration period is short, and it is necessary to check frequently the evolution of the lemon-ginger rum.

Choose white rums with a low alcohol content (Charrette or Havana will do very well).

Lemon ginger rum is made with organic ingredients, and it is preferable to take low acid lemons. It is difficult to achieve: the bitterness and acidity of citrus fruits is difficult to manage. Only for confirmed pirates!

Don't forget the vanilla bean to balance the mixture. Do not add the juice of the lemon generated by the cup, it is not it that will give the taste. Enjoy the lemon and ginger arranged rum recipe!


Lemon and ginger arranged rum
Lemon and ginger arranged rum recipe