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The recipe of the Grog with rum

There are several versions of the grog, with or without milk, whisky-based, brandy, etc. Today we are interested in the pirate version of the beverage.

The ingredients: hot water, honey, amber rum, a lemon, and a cinnamon stick as a touillette (if not powdered cinnamon will also work).

In your favourite cup, pour 3 cl of amber rum, followed by a teaspoon of honey. Then complete with hot water and add a few drops of lemon. Order is important to promote dilution and mixing. Serve the grog in a large thick glass, tolerant of high temperatures, ideally a handle glass, beer mug style, mazagran or mug.

Mix, drink, put yourself in a safe lateral position and fall asleep. No need to add essential oils, the benefits of the latter are destroyed or reduced with heat. The grog is ideal for colds and sore throats.

To fight fall or winter infections, you can also turn to our recipe for rum mixed with chilli and ginger. Approved by grandmothers, however, these recipes should not be combined with medication.
Did you know that? The grog was originally invented by an English admiral (18th century) to "cut" rum with water. If you have loved, don't hesitate to share the recipe of the Grog with rum

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Hot water
The recipe of the Grog with rum served in a cup
Let us be ferocious, on the contrary! Let's pour brandy over this century of sugar water. Let us drown the bourgeois in a grog at XI thousand degrees and let the mouth burn with it, let him roar with pain! Maybe it's a way to titillate him? There is nothing to be gained by making concessions, by pruning, by dulling, by wanting to please in a word.