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Lemongrass and cocoa arranged rum

For the quantities: three tablespoons of lemongrass and two tablespoons of cocoa bark (fresh lemongrass is recommended) for one litre of rum.

Cocoa bark is usually found in supermarkets, in the "spices" section

In the case of fresh lemongrass, remove the ends, to keep only the central part, fresh and tender.

Put everything directly in the bottle, this recipe is very simple. Don't be afraid to put the dose of citronella: it is the main ingredient! In terms of sugar, it will also be necessary to brave shyness and rely on four or five tablespoons of liquid sugar (canadou).

You can also add a cinnamon stick, vanilla pod and/or bay leaf. It is too often forgotten, but rum can easily be used with plants. Try it, you'll be surprised!

Cocoa does not provide the same flavours as a chocolate arranged rum. Bitter and drier, it works wonderfully well with the lightness of lemongrass.

Cocoa lemongrass rum is one of the pleasant little surprises to offer (and receive!). With an "old gold" eye, a dry nose and vegetal aromas (fresh cane, undergrowth) this coffee sprout as they say in Reunion Island or the West Indies is a must-have. Enjoy the lemongrass and cocoa arranged rum recipe!

Lemongrass and cocoa arranged rum
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