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Petits arrangements

Petits Arrangements

Petits Arrangements is a joint initiative that aims to highlight arranged rum. From its preparation to its conservation, we offer recipes on this site that are easy to make.

The diversity of recipes illustrates the ease with which rum will seek to appropriate the different external flavours. Spices, fruits, condiments, nothing escapes him! The purpose of the site is to distribute and collect recipes for arranged rum. So if you like one of the recipes, don't hesitate to make it, enrich it, and comment on it. We do not have any affiliation with rums producers, however, here is, after several years of experimentation, our choice of brand according to the fruits used:

  • Fruity rum: Three rivers
  • Delicate and distinguished rum: Damoiseau
  • Powerful rum: Neisson, Bologna, HSE, La Mauny
  • Fruity and sweet rum: Cart, Isautier, Rivière du mât
  • Soft and silky rum: La Mauny

The site is non-commercial, the few third-party scripts are used for display and aesthetics. The adventure began in 2015, and we are still looking for contributions (recipe submission). The website is built on Drupal 8.

Here is the link to discover our recipes, enjoy your visit!