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The rum arranged, in tasting

How to make arranged rum?

It's decided, this year you're going to do it. You have been tired of offering the same aperitifs for some time now, as your imposture on your knowledge of French hard wines. You want to surprise your guests and your palate with a unique drink made by you. Welcome to small arrangements, this site is made for you, lover of arranged rum!

Which rum for an arranged rum?

Rum (white, in most cases): avoid cheap rums! It is preferable to go on a tolerant rum (charrette, Trois rivières), the Damoiseau can also be suitable (quite fragrant). I recommend 40 degrees, although it is possible to go up to 50 degrees with some fruits.

How and with what to sweeten the arrangement? Several choices: cane sugar (in syrup or not) and/or honey, which will influence the taste a little more. The quantity? To be coupled with the sugar content of the fruits you are going to put. Sugar is an important lever, it can correct acidity or bitterness, compensate for the alcohol content, develop the aroma. 

Fruits & spices

Organic, and ripe (once immersed, the fruits will not move). For beginners, and for a minimum quantity of one liter, I recommend the following trio for your first creations, in addition to fruit:

    a cinnamon stick (or half)
    a vanilla bean (to be cut lengthwise)
    one or two bay leaves
    two to three black peppercorns

This helps to structure and orient the final taste and thus avoid the fail.

Fruits: handle with care, I advise you to minimize their exposure to air when you cut them. The perfect example is the apple or banana that will oxidize if you are slow. Do not try to force them into the bottle (do not squeeze a lemon, for example).

All you have to do is choose a recipe!

Keep your rum arranged?

If that is your ambition, of course.
Where? How?

Protect from light, dry, at room temperature. But the most important thing is to taste it, throughout the maceration. Indeed, depending on the gustatory power of the ingredients (cinnamon, chilli, ginger or lemon) it will be necessary to adjust the dosage (soft on spices...), and keep in mind that the flavor does not change overnight.

Patience is a tree whose roots are bitter and its fruits tasty.

In which container?

It must be solid and above all hermetic (in order to avoid oxidation, which will blacken the fruit). Made of glass, to see through and check the general condition at a glance. Vinegar bowl, jars, cylinder (the tap is a more than potentially fragile), classic bottle, will do the trick, as long as the fruit is not crushed to get it in.

The pulp stays down there

It is essential to stir the mixture well (gently) frequently, especially with ingredients that break up quickly (khaki, gingerbread, speculoos, etc.)

To infinity and beyond

Rum is an alcohol that lasts over time, due to its sweet composition and alcohol content. If the average time before a mixture is appreciable is within 3 months, you can keep your rum arranged for years! In theory, there will be no loss of alcohol or taste, on the contrary, time refines the taste.

Catching up on a failed arranged rum

You have followed a recipe on another site, karma has appeared: your arrangement is undrinkable. Don't panic, here are some tips to make up for it.

Several possibilities:

  •     dilute by adding rum to lengthen
  •     cut with water if the mixture is too sweet
  •     add a vanilla bean if the aroma of the fruit is too strong
  •     add sugar if the taste is too sour or bitter
Do not keep your rum arranged in the sun!