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Add an arranged rum recipe :

There are two steps to adding an arranged rum recipe.

You just have to create an account (free), wait for its approval and then add a recipe via this form:

Add an arranged rum recipe step1

Il y a beaucoup de paramètres, n'hésitez pas à être le plus précis possible. Tout est question de dosage !

Add an arranged rum recipe step2

It may take up to 48 hours to approve your account, since every other account is a Russian robot. We have to approve it manually. That is why we will ask you about your motivation. You just have to fill the filed with one sentence (At the moment, these same robots are not in a position to explain their attraction to arranged rums).

The editing interface includes a lot of information (condiments, type of sugar, spice, fruit, etc.). Try to be as precise as possible! It is the honour of the liqueur itself: share your recipes to prevent the rum from sadly ending up in a pastry shop...

You can change your contribution at any time. Be careful not to add an existing recipe! You can consult the list of arranged rums here

As a reminder, the site is free and does not rely on the ads.


Rum arranged preparation, with strawberry and ginger